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Laser Z Studio began with the simple idea of encouragement. Approximately two years before starting Laser Z studio in 2011; the idea of creating designs on Outdoor Privacy Fences was conceived.  While continuing to work for a successful inspirational art company as their sales manager, the burning desire inside continued to smolder. (laser pun intended) In December of 2010 my beautiful wife was hospitalized with a pulmonary embolism. During the recovery of my wife's illness I began to reflect on the uncertainty of time we have with those we love... By March of 2011 I had reached a cross roads "Listen to God" and step out on faith or continue in what appeared to be a safe and secure job.  After much prayer and many discussions with my wife, launching a new business venture in the midst of a recession that could impact and encourage others seemed obvious (facetious).  Good Friday 2011 I gave my resignation letter to my employer and began the journey of trusting in what I believe God had laid upon my heart.  

Today the webpage for Laser Z Studio is being launched.  The idea that started 5 years ago has become a reality.  Laser engraved custom gifts and unique plaques and signs are many of the products we offer. 
Corporate production of  laser engraved booklets and glass items are all products growing our company.

Thanks to all the people that have helped launch Laser Z Studio. Customers, friends, mentors and family all have played a significant part of impacting this start up.  Thank you all for your encouragement and resources of time and knowledge.  I could not have done it with out all of you.

As for the future of Laser Z Studio, our goal is to supply products that bring glory to God through encouragement of hope and inspiration.   I hope you enjoy the designs that you see on the website.

Let me know how I can help impact your life or someone you love with a sign, plaque or fence design.

Tom Zampino

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